Strength Training
for Runners Shouldn't Feel Overwhelming
& Confusing.

You want to run better.

Stronger. Faster. Injury-FREE!

But countless exercises online and in magazines leaves your head spinning.

What exercises are the right ones?

How long do I need to strength train

How many days a week

How many reps do I do?

THAT'S why I made the Stronger Runner 14 Day Challenge

An entirely FREE, 2 week program of:

  • 20-30min workouts
  • runner-specific strength exercises
  • done and ready for you
  • designed by a physical therapist and runner who wants YOU to succeed.

You deserve effective, FAST, running-specific exercises that are focused on YOU and your strength needs as a runner.

If this time-saving, pace-improving, and injury-reducing strength challenge speaks to your runner's heart, pop in your email above!

Did I mention it's all in 1 handy-dandy app? Strength on-the-go for runners that only takes 20mins?

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